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Sitges Barcelona Spain Walking 4K Tour- August 2021 // Sunny Beach

Published on Jul 28, 2022 In Other

More than 3.5 million tourists now visit the beaches in Barcelona every year. The city's council is continually improving services, creating a cleaner and safer place.

Part of this mission has included the establishment of the Barcelona Beach Center, where you can take part in a number of free exhibitions and activities or simply relax while reading the day's newspapers.

DJs are often hired to play music and attract lots of revelers who come to dance on the sand of the best beaches in Barcelona. With no one to disturb and the sea close by for a midnight dip, Barcelona's beach parties have become legendary.

But dancing isn't the only physical activity that you can do when enjoying the beaches in Barcelona. During any visit to the sandy shores you're bound to see joggers and walkers.

The energy spent when walking on sand can be 1.2 times greater than when walking on compact terrain and this may be attributed to a slower rate of reduction or dissipation of kinetic and potential energy associated with strides or steps taken when walking on sand.

Welcome to Sunny Beach Walks 4K, where you can experience walking tours, relaxation (ASMR) sounds of the waves and footsteps as we travel, sight seeing, beautiful women and people in their natural states, sun bathing, bikinis and HOT SUMMER FUN!
This channel is for those who are not able either because of geography, means or disability to walk the beaches and see the sights.

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