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Le Flex - Adored (Official Video) Sexy Music Video

Published on Feb 19, 2021 In Sexy Music Videos

For those of you fed up with seeing me in videos, here is something far more beautiful.
The incredible photographer and director Jan Te Bont has teamed up with model Suzanna Louise and created a sensual boudoir delight to match the smooth sounds of my song ADORED. I really wish I had been in this one now that I think about it!



When we’re together
Loving each other
Oh for this moment
know that you are adored

lying on the bed
with arms above your head
our clothes are on the floor
the lock is on the door
falling deep inside
the breaths you take are mine
Let’s let this love begin
oh as you pull me in

oh my love
every touch
I want you more
And this lust
it’s so much
What you do

Baby your loving
Just keep it coming
And for this moment
i’ve waited oh so long

kisses soft and warm
like light before the dawn
with fingertips that trace
the shapes upon your face
bodies intertwine
You lock your eyes to mine
the feeling is divine
so slowly down your spine

What this could be, you’ll surely see
i’ll give you all you ask for
Girl don’t let go,the passion that flows
Just hold on to me

Sexy music video

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