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Kabakum Beach Relaxing Beach Walk Tour 2021 // Travel Vlog 4K

Published on May 19, 2022 In Other

The picturesque sandy beach of Kabakum is the right holiday beach for all those who like to be out in nature but appreciate a certain comfort on the beach. Kabakum Beach, with its clean, crystal clear water and fine golden sand, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast.

Relaxation on Kabakum Beach
The internationally known golden beach with all its colourful bustle is only 3 km away, yet Kabakum Beach is much quieter. The relaxing alternative beach is the counterpart to the overcrowded package holiday beaches in the rest of the country. Since the idyllic beach is only 40 minutes away from the city centre of Varna by car, many city dwellers have built a holiday home here. Along the promenade you will find many small hotels, holiday apartments, pubs and restaurants.

Cozy beach bars on the beach invite you to relax. Here you can make yourself really comfortable on bean bags or invited beach beds and sip refreshing cocktails all day long. Beach chairs and sunshades can be rented for a day package. Beach volleyball lovers will not miss out on this beach, as there are several volleyball nets on site. Lifeguards are on site from June to September.

In the northern part of the 2 km long holiday beach it is much busier than in the southern part. Families, young adults and couples feel equally at home here. Small children build impressive sand castles with the fine sand and bathers rock in the refreshing waves with their colourful air mattresses.Water sports providers rent pedal boats and offer other adrenaline rushing activities. In the southern part of the beach it is then clearly quiet. Here you can put up your own umbrella and sunbathe in peace and quiet. Directly at the entrance of the beach there is a paid parking lot, in the southern part of the beach you can park for free.

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