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GLUTE FOCUSED DAY!! Build muscle and lose fat

Published on Jun 15, 2022 In Sport Girls

A glute focused day that had my sore for days when it comes to training lower body, I like to have a focus - eg more glute focused, quad or hamstrings.
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This allows me to break up the week a little bit further in terms of training legs x3.

Now if you’re trying to build muscle and lose fat, you don’t need to be winging every session - simply having a plan written out and a program over the next few weeks will help you really get stronger and build lean muscle.

Winging sessions only goes so far until you plateau!

DM me if you have any questions on how to map this out!

Full workout:
1. Leg press 4x15,12,10,8
2. Deficit reverse lunges 4x12 e/s
3. Romanian deadlifts 4x12
4. Triple contraction thrusts 4x12
5. Quad extensions 4x10 each variation
6. Abductions 4x20
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