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10min EMOMS Fitness exercise

Published on Jul 14, 2022 In Sport Girls

Emom 1: 10 x overhead plate walking lunges + 100m bear crawl. Swap the bear crawl out for 100 skips if you don’t have the space (it takes much longer to do it in shorter lengths like I have shown, which isn’t ideal for EMOM’s).

Emom 2: 12 x dumbbell burpee’s (devils press). Recommend going light with the dumbbells so you can complete this in your minute.

Emom 3: 10 x ring rows (I opted out for Aussie pull ups as a swap out as I don’t have access to rings) + 10 x box jumps.

Emom 4: 20 x flutter kicks + 20 x scissor kicks + 5 tuck ups.

40 minutes all up! Give it a go

‘EMOM’ is the abbreviation for every minute on the minute. It is a workout style in which you start a new round on every minute.
You take the required time to finish your exercises in that minute, and the remainder (of that minute) is your rest time. Repeat for the full length of the EMOM which is this case is 10 minutes
Fitness exercise

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